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We provide the tools, knowledge and support so that you can take charge and lead with confidence.

If you want to improve your career prospects, you are at the right place. We provide members with the means to differentiate themselves as high achievers and rise above the rest.

There are many small, medium and big organisations, which either do not have internal training resources, have only limited training resources or only concentrate on technical job training.


Our aim is therefore to bridge the gap as an external resource, to help people become more proficient and competent in management efficiency and leadership effectiveness.

Employers are welcome to enrol their managers.

The Global Association for Managers is opening its doors as a Private Club for exclusive membership.

This is the first organization of its kind in the world. We start providing you with the necessary tools as soon as you join, so you do not have to wait for your employer to send you on a course or seminar. Members can immediately begin to improve their knowledge and boost their careers.


1. Meaning of Association:

According to definitions and dictionaries the meaning of associations can be as follows: Voluntary associations are groups of individuals who voluntarily enter into an agreement to accomplish a purpose. An association can also mean the following:
1. The act of associating or the state of being associated.
2. An organized body of people who have an interest, activity, or purpose in common; a society.
3. A mental connection or relation between thoughts, feelings, ideas, or sensations.
4. A remembered or imagined feeling, emotion, idea, or sensation linked to a person, object, or idea.


2. Who is this web site for?

All business owners (of small, medium and big sized organisations) and employees in the Business World and Government Organisations worldwide, who aspire to become supervisors, managers, senior managers, chief executives or successful entrepreneurs. It is even for persons without any College or University degree, but who have the ambition to grow and carve out a better career for the future.


3. What are the benefits of membership?

Get all the essential core products and information to rapidly become highly successful in the Business World and Government Organisations.

3.1 Here below are some of the features members can capitalise on:
1. Learn quickly how to evaluate an organisation, a department or a section and how to roll out strategic objectives.
2. Learn quickly how to constantly adjust targets and monitor and improve job performance on all levels for achievement of objectives.
3. Learn the scientific approach of how to conduct productive, efficient and effective review meetings.
4. Learn how to attract, interview and select the best capable human talents into your subordinate positions to make you a stronger performer and contender.
5. Learn all about team building; conflict handling, constructive versus destructive motivation, performance appraisals, supervision principles, management principles, leadership principles and creative thinking principles.
3.2 Here are some of the benefits for members:
1. No or slow career progress can change overnight.
2. Take charge of own growth, future and destiny earlier.
3. Get noticed in your present work environment for improved behaviour faster.
4. No need to wait on employer for courses or seminars;
5. Improve mobility for job promotion with present employer and new employers faster.
6. Improve mobility for career change faster.
7. Improve chances of earning a higher income faster.
8. Improve family lifestyle faster.
9. Improve capability to pay for higher education of children faster; and best of all ..
10. Improve self-esteem, self-actualisation and self-worth faster.

3.3 We provide the following:
1. We provide self-study training manuals in PDF, powerpoint presentations and videos on management principles, which can enable individuals to quickly become efficient managers.
2. We provide self-study training manuals in PDF, powerpoint presentations and videos on leadership principles, which can enable individuals to quickly become effective leaders.
3. We provide the most essential tools, which can enable individuals to quickly become efficient managers and effective leaders by providing self-study training material on topics like the hierarchical differentiation of management roles, functions and decision-making areas for the different tiers, strategic planning with roll-down of subsidiary/department objectives, performance management, leadership styles, participative management, conflict management, change management, team building, destructive versus constructive motivation, possibility thinking, budgeting methods for the business environment, how to motivate capital professionally, identification of performance areas, problem-solving with Ishikawa, project planning and execution, short interval control, and how to write a professional job description.
4. We provide some spreadsheet calculation models, which can usefully be adapted and applied in the business and government world, like ammortisation, break-even for different turnovers with different targeted profit levels, business planning to entice finance, rolling cash flow prediction, customer service levels, equipment replacement point, inventory control methods and aggregate logistics planning to support the production and marketing plans.
5. We provide several other reading materials to enhance understanding of human behaviour, motivation of individuals and groups, improvement of creativity, improvement of personal and organisation financial planning, improvement of job interviewing and selection methods and several others.
3.4 Organisation leadership functions:

1. What is the most important function of the head of an organisation, a department or a section?
To give direction by means of a vision statement, mission statement and a roll-down of objectives to immediate subordinates.

What tools are available to give such direction?
Regular strategic planning with the ring of immediate subordinates, incorporating the SWOT analysis technique (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).
According to recent surveys, significant quantities of medium sized and big sized organisations, are still not using this direction indicating method.


2. What is the second most important function?
To ensure that the stated objectives are actually reached as best as possible.

What tools are available to monitor the progress toward goal achievement?
Apart from job descriptions and balancing human talent with job requirements, a performance management system is necessary to encourage employees to concentrate on what their jobs require of them, which can also be monitored in the short term on a regular basis so that actionable adjustments can be made to job outcomes, before it becomes too late.


3. What is the third most important function?

To ensure that employees have the knowledge and skills to fulfil their jobs successfully.

How can this be achieved?

3.1 The head of human resources management must be knowledgeable and talented enough to implement head-hunting, interviewing and selection methods, to entice the best human capital talent for job openings and also improve on those methods.

3.2 Identification of development areas must be part of the performance management system, so that individuals can be developed according to a planned talent improvement program.


4. What is the fourth most important function?

To ensure that all employees become efficient managers and that all employees in positions of authority become not only efficient managers, but also effective leaders for their groups.

How can this be achieved?

Technical occupational knowledge and skills are usually obtained through external educational institutions. Management efficiency and leadership effectiveness are, however, a completely other dimension and only in rare cases somewhat included in technical occupational training. Therefore, special efforts must be made to accomplish the aims of management efficiency and leadership effectiveness on all levels of the organisation hierarchy. Usually it can be achieved through both internal and external training resources.


There are many small, medium and big organisations, which either do not have internal training resources, have only limited training resources or only concentrate on technical job training.


Our aim is therefore to bridge the gap as an external resource, to help people become more proficient and competent in management efficiency and leadership effectiveness.


Our main purpose is to make it possible for members to reach higher management and leadership maturity levels, quicker than the normal average. Consequently, our members can develop faster and move into more important jobs faster than what would normally be possible. To see all the products click on our links to the different products.
Within 12 months you may be better informed on these topics than others with Master Degrees and you will be on your way to a better career future and ultimate higher destiny in life.

If you can recall the TV program Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump, all the participants, although celebrities in own right and quite successful in different spheres of life, had the common problems of not knowing the principles of management, team building and leadership.
Our focus with all the self-training modules is to cover all aspects of team leadership.

Subordinates must be enabled to make a superior stronger - managers can only be as good as subordinates make them

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Make the best of your career while you can, before it becomes too late.

If you cannot see what's coming, you may become the casualty.

If you want to improve your leadership skills and become a formidable, potent and dynamic leader, the guidelines which we put at your disposal for use, will help anyone with the ambition and determination, to accomplish just that.

All the material are for self-training purposes. It means you must read, comprehend, assimilate and apply the methods and techniques for your own benefit.

You do not need a degree to understand the material. As long as you have a grade 12, you should be able to grasp everything.

Better team leadership skills can improve team performance and potential higher earnings.

Open or download to read The case for good team leadership in PDF.

Left click the image below to open the PDF brochure or right click to save to your hard drive.


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Many employees feel like their careers have stalled out. They see other people getting promoted while they are always passed by. Maybe continuous education can help them jump-start their careers. By taking additional courses and investing time and energy in their skills, they can show the employer how serious they are about their future.

One of the wonderful things about continuous education is that everyone can profit from it. Learning additional skills and mastering new knowledge helps everyone. Employees who feel left behind in their careers can especially profit from learning skills that will make them infinitely more "promotable." Upper management often looks at continuous education classes as a sign that the employee is interested in his or her future.


Why wait on an employer to attend a leadership course or seminar? It may never happen. While waiting and postponing development, one's career progress grinds to a standstill. It may be wiser to prepare oneself in advance, with all the courses one can get here, for better things and opportunities that may be lurking on the horizon.


If one takes a look at how work is organised and delegated throughout an organisation in the business world and public sectors, by means of their organisation structures, it becomes obvious that almost all employees, on all levels, are organised under some or other group leader on the organisation chart, to whom they report. So, if one expands one's knowledge on team leadership, it may well be the easiest and most rewarding skills one can obtain for career advancement, whether one is a seasoned group leader or someone aiming to become one.


See the products inside the Gold Membership vault as displayed in the video below:


Your career is your life. It is not a dress rehearsal. Make the most of it from as early as possible. That is where we come in, to speed up your progress along the way.

Any person who wants to improve knowledge can join.

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